Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Nasty Tales

So the hubs has been doing some work helping out in the jail at his department. The last few days that he's done this, he drives straight home and calls me sounding all violated or something.

Now, I couldn't figure out why when I get home from work all of the sudden he has started putting his unis into plastic bags, IN THE HAMPER?? I mean, seriously, I'm lucky if they make it within ten feet of the hamper-on the floor-most days. Hm.

So, I asked him what the deal is and this is what he told me:

"Yesterday while I was doing some paperwork, this chic who is no short timer decided that she wanted a shower. Well, they only get a shower every three days. So you know what she did? She pooped in her pants, and wallowed around in it, hoping she'd get a shower. The Sgt. in the jail walked over, handed her a towel and said, 'It ain't Thursday yet'. Just witnessing that made me feel completely disgusting. Just knowing I breathed the same stale air as the woman who did such a thing makes me feel gross."

"Today, a lady who has been in for several days got bonded out. The Sgt. asked me to grab her clothes so she could change out of her jumpsuit and go home.. or wherever she's going to go. So I put on rubber gloves THANK GOD because when I reached into the bag and pulled out her clothing, it was completely covered in menstrual blood.... from three days ago."

It didn't really make him feel better when I reminded him these are the same disgusting people he frisks, cuffs and hauls around in a patrol car every day in his personal space. Man, it makes me shudder!!

My poor Sweetie. YUCK. I'm sorry he has to go through being around such disgusting people, but boy I'm really glad his clothes are bagged and in the laundry hamper!! It's like magic. :)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Third Time?

No joke. Our car got broken into for the THIRD time. In our driveway. While we were sitting on the couch.


We don't leave things of value in our car. The dirtbag who does this simply roots through and ransacks the car, takes all the pocket change from the ashtray and trashes the car.. oh and leaves the doors slightly open.

Since we just got back from vacation, we didn't realize that The Dude had left his Nintendo DS under Mr. Pants' carseat. It was really well hidden, but the dirtbag managed to find it and steal it anyway.

So, the hubs is furious. He says, "NOBODY steals from my kids!" Of course when we called this morning to report it, the guys showed up in droves. All the neighbors were driving by slowly, gawking as the ID officer dusted the prints and took photos of the footprints in the front yard, through the snow, leading right up to the dang driver's door!

We are all pretty certain who the culprit is. Oh and by the by he has a Felony Wanted right now so as soon as he is spotted he is getting taken in anyway. Yay. Plus the guys in our beat are switching to midnights tomorrow night and are going to have the next four weeks to sit outside all night and catch the dirtbag.

Seriously, I am so frustrated. It would be a little more understandable if there was actually something interesting to steal from us. But there isn't!

I can't wait til the little turd gets busted. Stay tuned.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Alright, I'm reaching... so what

Trying to be positive today.

I'm having a great hair day. My hair is very naturally curly so this is a rarity indeed.

My butt looks fantastic in these new jeans. (ok I said I was reaching.. )

Vitamins are important. Went to the baby doctor yesterday because we're thinking about having another and, well, it was time to go anyway. My doc is a really cute, funny, younger guy and my husband is always teasing me about him (even though I only see him once a year). He always makes reference to the movie The Waitress.. ok so anyway. The hubs had to tell me his strong opposition to the OB/GYN industry's use of the "shoe horn" as he calls it.

"Who ever thought that was appropriate to do to a woman?" he asked. He makes a valid point, doesn't he? LOL

Then he asks me the terribly inappropriate question of whether or not the doc "felt my boobs". What a loaded question, huh? Of COURSE the doc did this.. he had to. It's part of the checkup. But since this admission the hubs has not stopped teasing me. This will go on for days about letting another man touch "the girls".

Then he asks, "Do you think he liked it?" He's always giggling when he asks me. I tell him no, but his laughing makes me laugh so then my laughing just gives him cause to keep teasing. Ah! What a goofball.

Vitamins, oh yeah.. so as I mentioned in previous posts I spent a couple of years not being able to eat properly due to swallowing issues. Now that the swallowing issue is resolved, I'm paying a heavy price. I have been feeling pretty crappy lately physically. Like someone walked over to the wall and just unplugged me. Like a lump of cold spaghetti. Ok is that descriptive enough?

So the doc reviewed my lab work and he told me that over the last year or two I was slowly starving to death. I chuckled. He didn't. He told me that he was quite serious. I have untraceable amounts of vitamin D and vitamin B12 in my body. My iron stores are empty. He told me that I needed to immediately start on vitamin therapy and iron supplementation. Doctor J advised I not even think of getting pregnant again for about 6 months so that my stores are safely built back up first. He said my blood volume would increase by 30% when pregnant and that in order to make that increase in blood, my body will call on my nonexistent iron stores to do so. It's just plain not safe right now.

I'm shocked. I had lost thirty pounds last year but have gained about fifteen of it back. I'm 5'3" and weigh 112 now. When I told him I don't think I'm all that bad, he said, "That's not bad for a 17 year old.. that IS bad for someone your age". Jeez ok already. Good way to make me feel ancient!

I'm really glad though that it's just a matter of vitamins and iron. I realize that there are so many people out there suffering conditions that are not fixable. Yesterday was a real eye opener and good encouragement for me to take much better care of myself.

I'm also happy that the fam is going on vacation next week. We are taking the kids to a resort (not the kind with sunsets on the beach).. but a kid-friendly kind somewhere in the US. The hubs is a total prankster so he told our 9 year old that we are taking him out of school to send him to math camp. (How horrible is that?!) The resort we're going to has an indoor water park and it has tons of special stuff for little Mr. Pants, too. The Dude is going to FREAK when he sees this place. I'm sure he'll be thrilled when he finds out it's not math camp.

Work has been dead for the last three days. Can you believe it? They are upgrading our system platform and they are running way past deadline to get the new one up and running (shhhhocker). So in the meantime, I'm screwing around doing as little as possible. I needed some veg time!

I'll be on blog hiatus during vacation. Have a great weekend and week everyone!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


The victim was my beautiful cousin.


From the Orlando Sentinel:
By Henry Pierson Curtis and Willoughby Mariano, Orlando Sentinel
10:23 PM EST, February 9, 2010

A week before she died, Alyssa Blanton tried to get an order of protection against a 61-year-old man she accused of bombarding her with profane e-mails, sitting outside her home and following her to her job in Orlando.

The 23-year-old newlywed from Cocoa was gunned down Monday at a business park near the University of Central Florida — a place she hoped a Brevard County judge would make off-limits to the man she said had been tormenting her for two years.

Blanton's mother confirmed Tuesday that her daughter was the woman shot outside the AT&T Wireless Call Center where she worked. Orange County sheriff's investigators later confirmed that Blanton's killer was Roger Troy of Cocoa Beach, the same man she said had showed up at her home, followed her to the beach and confronted her outside her workplace.

The killer fatally shot himself after shooting the woman at least twice.According to Blanton, her stalker's obsession began in 2008, when she was waiting tables at Hooters Restaurant on Merritt Island. In a 72-page petition for an order of protection that she presented at an emergency hearing Feb. 1, she said he owned several guns.

The man "started harassing e-mails when I stopped working at Hooters and talking to him," she wrote. "He states several times … how he has seen me in Orlando. He describes how I look (like that I gained weight and cut my hair). He once came to my work at AT&T Call Center in Orlando and blocked me in my car."

Such details failed to convince Brevard Circuit Judge Dean Moxley, who denied Blanton's request for an emergency injunction.

In an interview Tuesday, Moxley told the Orlando Sentinel he could not determine from her petition whether Troy's actions met the legal definition of stalking. He set a hearing for Feb. 16 so that he or another judge could question her further to make sure, he said.

"As a judge, you have to follow the law. You're not omniscient," Moxley said. "God bless her soul."

The shooting happened shortly after 1 p.m. Monday when Blanton and her husband, Brent, a fellow AT&T employee, returned from lunch. They parted and headed toward separate entrances to the large building on Research Parkway, the victim's mother, Connie of Mo., told the Sentinel.

Blanton called her husband on his cell phone when her attacker approached, Connie said. Brent rushed to his wife of six months and found her on the ground. He started cardiopulmonary resuscitation, but it wasn't enough to save her.

"He was able to tell her that he loved her," Connie said.

In emergency-dispatch recordings released by the Sheriff's Office, witnesses describe ducking for cover in their cars and office buildings after seeing a man walk up to a woman in the parking lot and shoot her.

During one portion of the recording, a man thought to be Brent Blanton can be heard wailing. "Alyssa, I love you. I love you," he said. He cried out that they had a restraining order against the attacker and shouted for the ambulance.

Word of her daughter's death came as Connie prepared to go home from her job as a school secretary. Her cell phone rang. It was her ex-husband Mark calling from the hospital."Ali has been shot in the jaw," he said. Connie said she thought it was a joke, but she could hear a doctor talking in the background."Then I heard him say they couldn't revive her," Connie said.

Blanton grew up in a small town in eastern Missouri. Connie said she raised her daughter to be a sweet woman."I just always taught her to be nice to people, even people you don't know. It doesn't hurt to smile at somebody, especially if they're having a bad day," Connie said. Blanton spent her high-school summers in Brevard County visiting her father, her mother said. She loved the beach and moved to the Cocoa area two years ago, where she attended Brevard Community College with the hope of becoming a teacher.

The Merritt Island school where Blanton worked closed during the summer in 2008, so she found a job at Hooters to make ends meet before she joined AT&T. Blanton never told her mother there was trouble at the restaurant, but after the shooting, relatives told Connie that was where her daughter met the man who would become her killer. He was a regular and kept trying to touch her, according to Blanton's petition.

Troy owned a mail-order business and had moved from Ohio to Cocoa Beach in 2001. Attempts to reach a relative with whom he bought property last November in North Carolina were unsuccessful Tuesday.

In her petition, Blanton said she gave Troy her e-mail address after he badgered her for her phone number. Copies of the businessman's e-mails to Blanton contained angry rants about her Aug. 15 marriage."I know you hate me for pressing you to be honest — but I have a question — What in the Hell is wrong with you?" he wrote on Nov. 7, 2009. "That's all I am going to say and know as always I will not get an answer — my payment for caring about a young woman and how she screwed up her life."

Batterers and stalkers are most dangerous when they are suicidal, said Carol Wick, the chief executive officer of the domestic-violence shelter Harbor House. Obtaining injunctions against stalkers is often hard to do without the proper documentation, she said."Once they've made up their mind to die, a piece of paper is not going to make a difference," Wick said.

Troy, who had a concealed-weapons permit, shot Blanton several times before shooting himself in the head, according to the Sheriff's Office and Orange County Fire Rescue.His body lay in the parking lot for more than one hour covered by a yellow tarp after paramedics rushed Blanton to Florida Hospital East. She died late Monday.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Not all touchy feely, but...

I just wanted to say to all you pals out there, whether you follow my blog or I follow yours, I sincerely appreciate all of you.

I love the fact that you are out there and can help me laugh, cry, vent and appreciate so much about not being alone in life.

Ok, eww.. I just sounded way girlier than intended. But really, y'all are truly amazing! HUGS

Friday, February 5, 2010

Daily Thanks

Just taking a moment to say that I am thankful for my wonderful father-in-law.

He has been a LEO for 43 years and has been Chief of his department for 10 years. I refer to him as the biggest, baddest BMF in history.. lol, but that's just me. He was a Marine in Vietnam from 63-67. He started out as a police officer in a big city shortly after, and joined DCI a few years later. He then became a bomb and arson investigator who specialized in uncovering homicides masked by arson. Moved on to become a lead state-wide homicide and major crimes investigator, helped start the department he is with now, teaches criminal justice throughout the nation for numerous law enforcement agencies, consults for countless federal task forces and government projects. Teaches at police academies and universities within our state and is one of the top experts in interrogation in the country.

Seriously, have you ever seen "Meet The Parents"? Yeah, I still laugh because all I could think of when I met him was Robert DeNiro. The man is like a human lie detector. He can look at a person and profile them in thirty seconds. After I had gotten to know him, we had a conversation one day about the way he looks at people. I'll spare you the details since I am probably the only dork so fascinated by a guy like him.. but he's amazing.

A self-made man, no doubt. Second oldest of eight children born to Irish immigrants who came to the US with absolutely nothing. So little, in fact, that he spent from age three until age nine living in an orphanage. A fact not even my husband or I knew about until two weeks ago when we told him our own three year old son was having major separation anxiety when getting dropped off at daycare.

My fil is a man who absolutely adores his children and grandchildren. He takes such great care of his family and is one of the strongest, most loyal and modest men I have ever known. He has given so unselfishly in ways I can't even list.

It was rough losing my own dad at 14, but I am certain he would be overjoyed to know I gained such a great father-in-law.

So why am I doting on him? Well, first, he is one of the reasons I have such an amazing husband. Second, he is one of the reasons I have such amazing children. Third, just as he was seriously considering retirement, his contract as Chief was renewed for several more years!