Friday, April 27, 2012

And here we are...

The past month has been hectic, if not insane.  Lots of good times with the hubs in the land of the living, the kids with a million things running us in different directions and general, overall happiness.  (I know, you couldn't tell from my previous post last month, right?!)

Things are changing.  Mostly for the better.  It is so nice to have a few months under our belts without the stress of all the job and legal b.s.  I suppose the stress that comes with being a police wife is always there, but everyday things pale in comparison to what we were going through previously!

For those who don't know... we are officially expecting baby number 4!  The weirdos in the doctor's office hounded me with all the questions like, "Oh you must be trying for a girl finally!" and "I'll bet after all of those boys you really want a girl!" and of course the typical, "I'm guessing after this one you are DONE?" and "Don't you know what causes that?".

Seriously, I had no idea four kids is considered a gigantic family these days!  WTH?  I didn't put in the time or effort to really answer any of them.  I just smiled and thought, "Oh if I could punch you in the throat...".

I mentioned in passing a while back that we moved.  We have been taking care of things with our old house to get it ready for sale.  It is actually quite comical that we moved when we did, seeing that I am pregnant again!  The Lord works in mysterious ways.  Anyhow, the old house has had a new drain system and sump pump installed and is getting a new roof on Tuesday.  Then we are having new windows put in and having the fence updated.  For those of you who have magical powers and special abilities, please pray or do something to help us get it sold.  The sale money is going to help buy me a (can hardly get it out of my mouth).... VAN. 

I asked the hubs what would be wrong with us taking two cars everywhere after the baby arrives, but he didn't think this idea was very cute.  I have no choice.  Unless I am completely overlooking some kind of vehicle that seats 7-ish?  (Ok not gonna lie, I just had to stop and count how many kids I have, er, well-will have.. yikes).  I suppose a Suburban or something could do, but I really don't want to spend that kind of money!!

Anyhow, thank sweet baby Jesus I still have over 500 size 1 diapers that Quinn never used, that I kept all of my maternity clothes, and that I still have ALL of the baby clothes and gear.  It's quite possibly the first time things are going right from the start!

Just wanted to post this update since it's been over a month since I've written anything.