Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 In Review

As the sun sets on 2011, I write my final post.  It's 10:30pm and hubs is at work as I listen to the celebratory gunshots already ringing in the surrounding counties.  He is riding in a Tahoe tonight which somehow makes me feel better.  I hate when he works New Year's Eve.  He works in the ghi-zet-ttto.  They have shootings ALL the time, but this holiday is like anarchy.  Praying all goes well and he makes it home safe.

The kids are tucked in their beds (miracles do happen) and I've spent some of the quiet time reflecting on what has been a very wild ride for the hubs, for me and for our family.

Here is what it is.  We settled our civil suit as mentioned in my previous post.  I shalln't disclose the amount, but let's say the check had a LOT of zeroes in it.  Before the decimal point.  And now we get to start all over saving for our three kids' college.  I'm happy I don't have to spend one single day of the new year worrying, living in fear and especially not living in anger anymore.  Sure I'm a little bitter, but having a ten thousand pound weight lifted off our shoulders has made me a whole new woman.  Hubs and I are finally able to feel some real happiness again.  It's a little easier to get out of bed and face a new day and our good times together are no longer overshadowed.

I'm hoping everyone else has a wonderful New Year's Eve and a happy 2012.  From our family to yours!!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Still Hanging In

Where has time gone?  Wow.. well, here is a bit of good news.  The civil suit; FINALLY OVER.  It was set for trial today, but we settled out of court.  I will surely create a long, detailed post to let you all know the glorious details.  I cannot believe it is finally, FINALLY, over.

Gearing up for Christmas.  Mr. Chunky Munkerson just turned 6 months old and The Dude and Mr. Pants are keeping me running in circles. 

Hope everyone is well.  Photos and stories to come soon.