Saturday, April 24, 2010

Kiss My...

My wonderful, thoughtful bro decided to buy me tickets to the Steve Martin bluegrass tour for my birthday. When we were kids, one of our favorite things was to sneak a listen to some of Steve Martin's terribly inappropriate humor from the other room while our dad sat unsuspecting.

I was so surprised and delighted when I opened my birthday card and saw the tickets. I love comedy and I love bluegrass music, so it was PERFECT!

Hubs was finally off (worked 13 out of the last 15 days) so we were actually able to go together! It was pouring down rain and we had to take the public train to get downtown. My bro happens to work the district where the concert was being held, so he told us he'd be waiting in his patrol car when we hopped off the train and he'd take us the few blocks over to the concert venue.

Sure enough, we got off at our stop and bro was there waiting like the gentleman he is. I jumped in the front seat and hubs jumped in the back. We got to the venue with a huge line of people out front waiting to get in.

Hubs is always one to put on a show. I got out and then had to let him out because this was, after all, a cage car. I let hubs out and as people watched curiously, the hubs leaned into the back door and said in a very loud, stern voice, "NOW KISS MY ASS", and slammed the door. Of course my bro was laughing so hard he could not drive off.

The security guards sort of reached for their pepper spray but as the hubs turned around laughing, they just sort of looked at him confused. Hubs said, "That's my brother in law".

The guards breathed a huge sigh of relief and started chuckling. One of them said, "Oh thank GOD".

Hubs makes me have fun wherever we go.

The music was great, the comedy made it even better.. and just having a night out with hubs was so much fun. We walked around downtown holding hands afterward and when we came to a huge rain puddle, he threw me over his shoulder and carried me over it. All the people on the street were saying, "Awwwww".

He made me laugh and he made me very proud. I love those days.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Happy Happy Birthday

So Tuesday was my birthday. The hubs worked all afternoon and night. Welcome to the life of a police wife. (sigh)

He took me to lunch which was great! He woke me up when he came home, as I had fallen asleep on the couch hoping to catch a glimpse of him at some point.

We decided yesterday we would go this fancy restaurant to celebrate. We got into the restaurant and the snooty hostess acknowledged we had a reservation and in an offput tone said, "It's not ready yet".

We waited about twenty minutes and finally looked around, looked at each other and I said, "Let's go get a burger". We both busted out laughing and merrily walked out and went to the burger joint.

Sure we were way too dressed up for burgers, but it was fun! And it beat the heck out of some snooty restaurant that was way overpriced anyway.

I'm just glad I got a few hours alone with hubs. I had a great time listening to his latest work stories and laughing my butt off. I hadn't realized how little we've actually talked to each other recently.

We do the hellos and goodbyes and talk about if the kids' lunches are made, etc. but we haven't talked about real grown up stuff. I miss him.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Another Officer Badly Injured

I am so sick and tired of these dirtbags. Last night another officer was shot three times in the neck and shoulder and is now paralyzed from the waist down due to one of the bullets hitting his spine. He is only 30 years old.

The only "good" news out of this is his partner returned fire on the bad guy and last I heard the bad guy has a "gaping hole" in his head. Technically still alive. We'll see what happens.

All this from a domestic. Lovely.

I hate the way people make me feel some days. I hate that my heart is filled with nothing but cynicism. I hate that this is the world my kids are growing up in. And mostly, I hate that the hubs (and all of yours) walk out that door every day to face situations like these. It sucks.

It's just a down kinda day.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Vocabulary Lesson

It's been a busy week. Monday evening the hubs, some friends/co-workers and my mom all went to Dave's visitation. My brother was part of the honor guard and did "casket watch". We made our way up to the casket and paid our respects. My mom turned to Dave's mom and said, "I don't know you and I didn't get to know Dave, but for the grace of God I could be sitting in your chair. My son is standing at your son's feet."

Dave's mom stood up and gave my mom a huge hug and told my mom she is proud of both their sons. How awesome his family is.

I was so proud of my bro standing up there at attention with the white gloves and full dress uniform. It was very humbling to see him standing watch like that.

So afterward, we all went out and spent time together. My bro says, "I gotta tell you this new word I learned on a call the other night".

He starts telling me how he got a call for a disturbance and on the way to the address, he kept telling his partner that the address seemed all too familiar. They shrugged it off and approached the front door.

"The front door opened and there is this itty bitty old lady who tells us "He's already gone, officer.""

"From behind the old lady comes a slightly younger lady with the "wonkiest wall-eyes I've ever seen. It was at that moment I remembered dealing with these folks before."

The younger of the two ladies starts going on a tirade saying "I'm a diabeteee and I had brain surgery in 1965. If my brother comes back here again I'm gonna kill him..".

So, after listening to this for several minutes, my bro decided to go a couple doors down and talk to the man regarding this disturbance and tells the ladies not to let the man in the house anymore since he doesn't live there.

Bro knocks on the door and the man answers. The man has a huge welted area on his forehead. Bro looks at him and asks, "Jesus, man. How'd that happen."

Guy responds by saying, "We got to arguin and she hit me with a smoov."

"A 'smoov'?", Bro asks, intrigued.

"Yeah, you know.. that thing you smoov your clothes with."

"Oh, you mean an iron?", Bro asks.

"Yeah, that thing."

Gotta love it.