Thursday, April 15, 2010

Happy Happy Birthday

So Tuesday was my birthday. The hubs worked all afternoon and night. Welcome to the life of a police wife. (sigh)

He took me to lunch which was great! He woke me up when he came home, as I had fallen asleep on the couch hoping to catch a glimpse of him at some point.

We decided yesterday we would go this fancy restaurant to celebrate. We got into the restaurant and the snooty hostess acknowledged we had a reservation and in an offput tone said, "It's not ready yet".

We waited about twenty minutes and finally looked around, looked at each other and I said, "Let's go get a burger". We both busted out laughing and merrily walked out and went to the burger joint.

Sure we were way too dressed up for burgers, but it was fun! And it beat the heck out of some snooty restaurant that was way overpriced anyway.

I'm just glad I got a few hours alone with hubs. I had a great time listening to his latest work stories and laughing my butt off. I hadn't realized how little we've actually talked to each other recently.

We do the hellos and goodbyes and talk about if the kids' lunches are made, etc. but we haven't talked about real grown up stuff. I miss him.


  1. happy belated birthday! I would've wanted to just get a burger too . .

    I feel the same way about my guy. I miss him. Don't feel like I've talked to him in ages. Glad you got to work in some time together.

  2. I love that you chucked your plans and went for burgers. I agree. Soo much better. Time together trumps good food.