Friday, February 12, 2010

Alright, I'm reaching... so what

Trying to be positive today.

I'm having a great hair day. My hair is very naturally curly so this is a rarity indeed.

My butt looks fantastic in these new jeans. (ok I said I was reaching.. )

Vitamins are important. Went to the baby doctor yesterday because we're thinking about having another and, well, it was time to go anyway. My doc is a really cute, funny, younger guy and my husband is always teasing me about him (even though I only see him once a year). He always makes reference to the movie The Waitress.. ok so anyway. The hubs had to tell me his strong opposition to the OB/GYN industry's use of the "shoe horn" as he calls it.

"Who ever thought that was appropriate to do to a woman?" he asked. He makes a valid point, doesn't he? LOL

Then he asks me the terribly inappropriate question of whether or not the doc "felt my boobs". What a loaded question, huh? Of COURSE the doc did this.. he had to. It's part of the checkup. But since this admission the hubs has not stopped teasing me. This will go on for days about letting another man touch "the girls".

Then he asks, "Do you think he liked it?" He's always giggling when he asks me. I tell him no, but his laughing makes me laugh so then my laughing just gives him cause to keep teasing. Ah! What a goofball.

Vitamins, oh yeah.. so as I mentioned in previous posts I spent a couple of years not being able to eat properly due to swallowing issues. Now that the swallowing issue is resolved, I'm paying a heavy price. I have been feeling pretty crappy lately physically. Like someone walked over to the wall and just unplugged me. Like a lump of cold spaghetti. Ok is that descriptive enough?

So the doc reviewed my lab work and he told me that over the last year or two I was slowly starving to death. I chuckled. He didn't. He told me that he was quite serious. I have untraceable amounts of vitamin D and vitamin B12 in my body. My iron stores are empty. He told me that I needed to immediately start on vitamin therapy and iron supplementation. Doctor J advised I not even think of getting pregnant again for about 6 months so that my stores are safely built back up first. He said my blood volume would increase by 30% when pregnant and that in order to make that increase in blood, my body will call on my nonexistent iron stores to do so. It's just plain not safe right now.

I'm shocked. I had lost thirty pounds last year but have gained about fifteen of it back. I'm 5'3" and weigh 112 now. When I told him I don't think I'm all that bad, he said, "That's not bad for a 17 year old.. that IS bad for someone your age". Jeez ok already. Good way to make me feel ancient!

I'm really glad though that it's just a matter of vitamins and iron. I realize that there are so many people out there suffering conditions that are not fixable. Yesterday was a real eye opener and good encouragement for me to take much better care of myself.

I'm also happy that the fam is going on vacation next week. We are taking the kids to a resort (not the kind with sunsets on the beach).. but a kid-friendly kind somewhere in the US. The hubs is a total prankster so he told our 9 year old that we are taking him out of school to send him to math camp. (How horrible is that?!) The resort we're going to has an indoor water park and it has tons of special stuff for little Mr. Pants, too. The Dude is going to FREAK when he sees this place. I'm sure he'll be thrilled when he finds out it's not math camp.

Work has been dead for the last three days. Can you believe it? They are upgrading our system platform and they are running way past deadline to get the new one up and running (shhhhocker). So in the meantime, I'm screwing around doing as little as possible. I needed some veg time!

I'll be on blog hiatus during vacation. Have a great weekend and week everyone!


  1. good for you and taking care of yourself.Your dh is funny and typical of a man to say those things!
    have fun on your vacation!

  2. How did I miss your comment? :) Thanks so much!