Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Third Time?

No joke. Our car got broken into for the THIRD time. In our driveway. While we were sitting on the couch.


We don't leave things of value in our car. The dirtbag who does this simply roots through and ransacks the car, takes all the pocket change from the ashtray and trashes the car.. oh and leaves the doors slightly open.

Since we just got back from vacation, we didn't realize that The Dude had left his Nintendo DS under Mr. Pants' carseat. It was really well hidden, but the dirtbag managed to find it and steal it anyway.

So, the hubs is furious. He says, "NOBODY steals from my kids!" Of course when we called this morning to report it, the guys showed up in droves. All the neighbors were driving by slowly, gawking as the ID officer dusted the prints and took photos of the footprints in the front yard, through the snow, leading right up to the dang driver's door!

We are all pretty certain who the culprit is. Oh and by the by he has a Felony Wanted right now so as soon as he is spotted he is getting taken in anyway. Yay. Plus the guys in our beat are switching to midnights tomorrow night and are going to have the next four weeks to sit outside all night and catch the dirtbag.

Seriously, I am so frustrated. It would be a little more understandable if there was actually something interesting to steal from us. But there isn't!

I can't wait til the little turd gets busted. Stay tuned.

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  1. Oh man that sucks!!! Hubby says never leave ANYTHING in the car even hidden. No change in view. I thought he was being a freak but I guess not. Our neighbors leave their kids DVD player strapped to the back of the headrest in their Volvo and I could just slap them. And they live on the corner near the sub entrance. We have tons of section 8 housing in our sub now and we get all kinds of dirtbags roaming around. Oddly, the 20 something males that still live at home are often the biggest problems round these parts though. Sorry about your car thief. Hope they catch him!