Friday, February 5, 2010

Daily Thanks

Just taking a moment to say that I am thankful for my wonderful father-in-law.

He has been a LEO for 43 years and has been Chief of his department for 10 years. I refer to him as the biggest, baddest BMF in history.. lol, but that's just me. He was a Marine in Vietnam from 63-67. He started out as a police officer in a big city shortly after, and joined DCI a few years later. He then became a bomb and arson investigator who specialized in uncovering homicides masked by arson. Moved on to become a lead state-wide homicide and major crimes investigator, helped start the department he is with now, teaches criminal justice throughout the nation for numerous law enforcement agencies, consults for countless federal task forces and government projects. Teaches at police academies and universities within our state and is one of the top experts in interrogation in the country.

Seriously, have you ever seen "Meet The Parents"? Yeah, I still laugh because all I could think of when I met him was Robert DeNiro. The man is like a human lie detector. He can look at a person and profile them in thirty seconds. After I had gotten to know him, we had a conversation one day about the way he looks at people. I'll spare you the details since I am probably the only dork so fascinated by a guy like him.. but he's amazing.

A self-made man, no doubt. Second oldest of eight children born to Irish immigrants who came to the US with absolutely nothing. So little, in fact, that he spent from age three until age nine living in an orphanage. A fact not even my husband or I knew about until two weeks ago when we told him our own three year old son was having major separation anxiety when getting dropped off at daycare.

My fil is a man who absolutely adores his children and grandchildren. He takes such great care of his family and is one of the strongest, most loyal and modest men I have ever known. He has given so unselfishly in ways I can't even list.

It was rough losing my own dad at 14, but I am certain he would be overjoyed to know I gained such a great father-in-law.

So why am I doting on him? Well, first, he is one of the reasons I have such an amazing husband. Second, he is one of the reasons I have such amazing children. Third, just as he was seriously considering retirement, his contract as Chief was renewed for several more years!


  1. Wow he sounds like an amazing FIL,you truly are lucky,gotta love a man that knows how to take care of his entire Family.
    Congrats on your FIL on remaining as Chief.

  2. Please tell him I said "Semper Fi" and "Goodnight Chesty Puller, wherever you are". No seriously, he should know the second one and you'll surprise him.


  3. Thanks ladies for reading this entry! I love it when good things happen for other people! Meadowlark, I will definitely tell him what you said! My FIL will talk the ears off anyone who is:
    A) Irish
    B) a Marine

  4. Congrats to your father in law, he seems like a truly wonderful man.

    Whenever you get a chance, stop on by, I have something for you :)

  5. Congrats to your FIL. Sounds like an amazing man!