Friday, October 8, 2010

Uh Oh

So, there is a crabby old fart who works in the jail of Hubs's department. He is basically some washed up old dude who came from a crappy muni (which he got fired from) and now thinks he is Grand Poobah.

Anyhow, a couple of officers went to a burglary call and caught the burglar in the act. They hooked him up and one officer brought him into the jail. Officer said, "Officer X is right behind me and will be in here in a couple of minutes with his detention sheet."

The crabby old fart waited until the first officer left and walked the burglar right out the front door!!!!

When the officer with the detention sheet walked in, she asked where her burglar was.

Crabby old fart told her, "I don't keep anyone in here without a detention sheet."

She reminded him there was a span of less then three minutes from the time the burglar arrived and the time she walked in with his detention sheet.

Well, needless to say she went up the ranks on this one. Oh and wouldn't you know, turns out the burglar was wanted by TWO other departments for felonies as well.

Chief's meeting happened that night by chance and guess what made for very interesting conversation?? The Chief was PISSED. I just found this story unbelievable.

In other news, I mentioned that yesterday I had my first baby doc appointment. I am going back in two weeks to get my first ultrasound. He said it would be best to do it during that week so that we can have more accurate data on the baby. I'll have a more accurate due date and all that good stuff.

I'll post more when there is actually something to tell :)

Hope you all have a good weekend!!

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  1. Wow.... I know an idiot jailer guy like that... *sigh*and yes he would have done something like that.

    :)! Yay for doctor Appt I hope all is well with the baby :D!