Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thursday afternoon boredom post

I love ShitMyDadSays. Here is today's post from Justin: "You don't have to be good to succeed. You just gotta be the least shitty option. Example: We're eating at The Olive Garden."

He is SOOO right. I found that a fantastic way to start my post this afternoon.. :)

Hubs has been rocking it at work, busted a whole bunch of people who he had in custody but gave fake names. It must be "fake name week" or something. Anyway, it's great listening to him tell me how he remembered "so and so" from an arrest years ago or he knows their cousin or whatever.

Even better, last night he had a girl who refused to give any name whatsoever. He played along for about 15 minutes and then he said, "Jamie, why don't you want to tell me your name?". She said, "Because I got....." and then her jaw dropped. She realized he just called her by her first name and could NOT figure out how he knew it! He is GOOOOD.

Anyway, I'm not fat. (yet) but I've already gained 4 pounds. What is it about this kid that craves broccoli? Just the WORD broccoli normally makes me gag. For Christ's sake I even chose broccoli over ICE CREAM this week. What the ....?

I craved broccoli and pickles with my first son. Looks like kid #3 is following suit. Anyway, I have my first OB appointment today. I can't remember if today is when they park the airplane in the hangar or what. Guess I'll find out in an hour.

Hope the little bean is there and that I get an u/s photo. I know, I know.. it looks like a tv station that's gone off air, but still. I want one.


  1. I always called it the "dildo cam" :)

    Glad you're feeling good! And well done to the husband on his week!

  2. Um.... Dori???????

    I realize I am a generation-apart from ya'll but... what does that mean?

    And sadly, I never had cravings, but if I could do it all over again (shoot me now) I would TOTALLY have them just because it would be the only time I could torture the husband.

    I miss the patrol days... the "It's not mine, I loaned my car to someone." Who? "I don't know his name" So you loaned your car to someone you don't even know? "Um... yeah". Those stories are EPIC!!!!

  3. DORI-!!!! You almost made me pee in my pants when I read that! I will never EVER look at transvaginal ultrasound the same :)

    Meadowlark- Now it's pretty common to get an internal ultrasound (where the use the 'dildo cam' as Dori put it) in early pregnancy to check things out. Used to be you'd only get one ultrasound around 20-ish weeks. And YES, I'm having a blast torturing the hubs with my cravings. The other night I told him I wanted chicken wings (at midnight no less.. who the hell has chicken wings at midnight?) then I called him as he was driving around aimlessly hoping for a chicken wing joint and told him "I've changed my mind. Now I need french toast." He was not thrilled :)

  4. Stumped Meadowlark AND made a preggo woman pee! Score! :)

    I had vaginal ultrasounds often due to scarred innerds and then with my "mature maternal age" with both pregnancies...and just like everything else, we coped with a warped sense of humor! We don't do "cute" very well...but we excel at "warped and twisted"!