Monday, July 26, 2010

A Little Suspicious

Had a pretty nice weekend of enjoying The Dude's last two baseball games of the season. It was fun (minus the 109 degree heat) and Mr. Pants loved playing in the dirt.

The only downside: thirty minutes before end of shift, the Hubs texted saying, "I just got a homicide. Not sure when I'll be out of here."... Seriously people, could you not commit your violence on a weekday?? We have places to be.

Turns out some guys tried to carjack two other guys. When the carjacker made it into the car, HE became the victim. The victims of the carjacking shot and killed the carjacker. It was all figured out a lot faster than usual in those parts.

In all we were able to salvage some time together and it was quite enjoyable.

So... yeah. I am not certain, but could there be an addition to our brood?

I ate two chicken sandwiches smothered in provolone cheese and not an hour later I found myself wolfing down a White Castle cheeseburger and half a chocolate shake. Dun da dun dun...

I'm a little suspicious. We've been trying, so we'll see what happens next week if you know what I mean. Er, should I say we'll see what doesn't happen next week!


  1. Naw! well congrats if that's the case, if not you know it's lots of fun practicing... ;)!


  2. SO behind in blog reading but just a quickie to say "fingers crossed here for ya!" - would explain the last few posts. LOL

    (Dude dances like a dream, BTW...)

    (Your other dreaming? Always listen to them...and so sorry...)

  3. Thanks LauraB! Love my Dude. Here's hoping on the other things. Glad you stopped by.