Thursday, January 12, 2012

Be Enlightened

A wonderful video which expresses so much of what is "wrong" with public education.


  1. I guess I'm in the minority. I'm in full support of our county's public schools! I understand and get what he says...but I also think there's a misconception regarding the direction public education is going. I've been in numerous debates recently between home schoolers and public school supporters. Our schools have a great art program, they give the TAG students the same special benefits the special ed. students receive and my brilliant son is thriving where he's at. I realize it's a choice we all have to make--what is best for our own children and family. But so many of the arguments I've heard against public schools recently have proven to me that not all homeschoolers should be home schooled--or, rather that not all home schooling parents should be home schooling.

    Sorry...obviously, given the week of debating on this, you just hit a hot button. :)

  2. Thanks Dori! I sriously was hoping someone would weigh in. I think, honestly, I'm disappointed and I'm angry right now. It's been a lot of years of knowing something was "off", but just not being able to nail it down. I shouldn't have as narrow a view I have, since I can only speak for the public schools MY family has to choose from. I think I get really disappointed when a teacher (which in my mind translates into a complete stranger) tells me they know what's best for my kid.. but they can't spell his name right, or they don't "see a reason to be concerned". Our local district has made huge budget cuts and are really lowering their standards for teacher hiring. Many now barely have provisional certificates, they don't have the certifications the veteran teachers had, and a lot of the really good ones are being pushed into retirement. You honestly knocked me back a step and THAT IS WHAT I NEEDED - so thanks a lot. And especially, thanks for sharing your story with me. I see my son feeling some of those things you mentioned. He suffers from "people never get the point of what I'm saying". He can't filter things down enough to hold an audience.