Monday, November 22, 2010

Come The Hell On

Patience is not a virtue. Tomorrow just needs to get here already.

Thank the Lord my dear sweet bro is going to drive me to the Capitol tomorrow. Hubs is riding with his dad in his dad's police car. I kind of got the "no girls allowed" vibe.. not that my FIL would ever say that, but I think he wants some father son time. I get it.

It is a 200 mile drive, so we are leaving at the crack of dawn and everything is set to go down at 10a.m. Again, SO freaking thankful my bro is going to be there with me and for me.. for us, really!

Today is hubs's birthday. The boys and I made his gluten free cake last night and as soon as he walked in, he took a huge slice and buried it in ice cream! I was so glad he was happy. Only bad part was that the boys were already asleep.

I'm getting ready to head to the baby doc. So glad there is no pants dropping today because I am seriously not in the mood with all the stress building for tomorrow. I know it's horrible for me and the baby to get all amped up, but that's just my way of coping.. er, not coping. Whateva.

It will be interesting to see what my blood pressure looks like?! Hoping it's in a safe range.

I should be able to hear the heartbeat on doppler today. Very cool. Wish hubs could be there, but he's working. I'll be by my lonesome at the visit... bummer.

Anywho, I haven't had much of an appetite today, think it's nerves for sure. Been making myself eat and hubs made me an amazing salad at lunch!

Now I'm trying to keep from going into an after lunch coma. Tired.. think the baby is super growing or something this week. I am wiped out.

Just needed to dump some thoughts for a minute. Catch you all tomorrow.


  1. Hugs and happy thoughts...for the case, for the baby, for the family! I'm glad you guys are finally getting some sort of's hoping for the best!

    I ended up going to all of my baby doctor appointments on my own for our second and last kiddo. was on the sucky side.

  2. Sending up prayers for the outcome that will yield the most blessings. I hope it also is the outcome you WANT.

    Husband never went to any baby appointments with me. First kidlet was in Okinawa Japan and he certainly wasn't off work for that and second one he was flying all the time and again, it just didn't seem that urgent. That said, if YoungSon doesn't go with the wife when he can, I'll be kicking his butt!

  3. Know you're loved chica, and we're thinking of you.

    WAIT!!! MY CAPCHA... it was BLESS.

    BLESS .....

    I know that whatever the outcome may or may not feel like a blessing, but in the end, there WILL be a blessing for you and yours.