Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What It Is?

I am so ready for tomorrow to get here.  My best friend and her hubby are coming in town from across the state.  My kids will finally have someone to bug besides me!  I will have another adult to talk to!  Her hubby will be riding with my hubby at work.. this should be interesting :).

Hubs has been totally rocking it at work.. locking up crazy bitches who shoot at ex-boyfriends, runs over the new girlfriend, takes out telephone poles.  He's gotten a lot of guns and drugs this week and has worked two arsons.  Coolio.  Me.. This past week has sucked the life out of me.  What did I do with my copious amounts of free time?  Ahem.. let me tell you.

I have dealt with homeowner's insurance people, insurance adjusters, roof people, waterproof people... the list goes on.  We moved across town a while back into a bigger place as a temporary thing.  We have kept our "old" house with the intention of building onto it and moving back.  It's where our kids were born - call us sentimental. 

We had some intense storms and tornadoes here last month and with that our roof was ruined.  I learned this week that what I thought would be a simple, common process is NOT simple at all.  I learned that thinking of a figure in my head to cover all necessary expenses was stupid.. because the actual amount required for just ONE of the necessary projects turned out to be SIX times more expensive than that little figure I had in my head.  Holy shizz!

We had water damage as well, which revealed an ages old mold problem we never knew we had - which came from the previous owner who flat LIED to us about it apparently.  Ugh.. I hate to even write about all of it.  This week has been a $10,000 week.  And it's only Wednesday. 

I am certain that God hates me.  No, really.  I'm not looking for cute reassurance.  That's not a question there.  That's a statement.  He hates me.  For real.

Not sure what I did, but it sure would be nice if life could just back off with the crap sandwiches for a bit.  I'm starting to understand why people go postal.  Clearly some powers that be like to see me live on the edge.  I keep looking for the candid camera, or thinking I'm on punk'd. 

Please baby Jesus.  Give me a break- before I break!!!

I have a bottle of strawberry stoli, a case of 7-up and a best friend who's on her way.  I think things are about to turn the corner.

Hoping the hubs has a good night at work because he sure was a crabass this morning!!  Whew.

End woe-is-me rant.

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