Sunday, February 5, 2012

Jesus Lady (A different lady this time)

Tonight.. sigh... was one of those nights.  Hubs was working his 12 hour day shift.  All was well.  His family all came over to my house to watch the super bowl.  It seemed like a nice idea.  I love them. 

I quickly learned that what seemed like it was going to be great turned out to be rough for me.  Why?  Hm, let's see.  A blaring tv for four hours straight.  Everyone trying to yell over the loud tv for four hours straight. 

I was trying to cook in the kitchen, watch the baby (who you cannot take your eyes off of) out in the great room, Mr. Pants interrupted me for applesauce six times, the phone ringing, oven timers going off.  It was downward spiraling.  BUT, I foolishly thought, "Hm, hubs will be leaving work in fifteen minutes so it will be ok.".

And then she died.  I didn't know her.  Some poor 41 yr old female who was insulin dependent diabetic.  She was in bed.  Her whole family walked in from getting fried chicken and found she had passed on.

Upon hearing this tragic news, I looked to the heavens and asked, "Couldn't you have waited 15 more minutes?".

Yes, I know I am going to hell.  I don't need anyone reminding me.
He made it home an hour late.  He ate, chatted with his family until they left - and is currently passed out cold on the floor in front of the fireplace.  I should go kick him.  Hmmph.

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  1. I think we've all been there! Well...maybe not with a house full of inlaws watching football...but with the expectation of relief only to be brutally disappointed and pissed off!

    For a while it seemed like bomb threats/abandoned suitcases calls would only come in just as we were sitting down for supper. It actually got to be really comical...and then not so comical.

    And then there was the time he had to go into court on his day off and ended up being stuck on a DUI stop for 3 hrs. Because the call came in just as he was pulling out of the courthouse and it was right in front of him. The courthouse is also right beside the jail and the main police station is on the other side. So no one else was available to take the call? Nope. No one at all?! Nope. I was not pleased.