Monday, October 10, 2011

Texts Between Us

I received a huge bunch of crap from hubs last night about the fact that I used coupons for certain things on my quick shopping trip. He asked if I am going to become an extreme couponer and so on...

He sent me this text just now:
"I love u mama"

To which I replied, "Well..sorry, I don't have a coupon for that, but I guess since love is free I love you too."

His response: "I have a coupon. It says 'good for your wife's pants half off'."

My reply: "You should see the face I just made.. and now I'm laughing."

Him: "I bet it's beautiful."

And that, folks, is why we are still married. :)


  1. That makes me smile. We hardly have time to talk these days, so glad someone is stealing some moments. :)

    Much peace,