Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Little Less Bitchy

Just for you ML :). Thanks for the advice... so here is a post that puts a smile on my face.

First, my bro just got hired on at my father in law's department!! It's a $12,000 a year pay increase, better benefits and, well, a better department! I'm so proud of him and happy for him. As I like to put it, from the hood to the burbs will be a nice change!! Woo hoo.

Secondly, I survived middle school orientation with three kids in tow. I think I left my sanity at the door, but we made it out alive. I'm so not emotionally ready for my son to start middle school. I actually WANT my son to be innocent and naive and all of those things.. but times are different. When I got a glimpse of the female P.E. uniforms I nearly fell out. I didn't know a 2 inch inseam was appropriate for 11 year old girls. Wow. Ok.

Which makes me feel compelled to share with you a real live conversation from my shopping trip for school supplies. God's honest truth.... from the two ladies walking behind us:

"MMM MM MM.. she is so blessed. 3 boys!"
"Girl you know that's right.. Lord knows this world is full of waayyyy too many skeezas! She is bringin' us the men we neeeeed!"

The Dude turned to me and asked, "Mom, what's a skeezer?".

Ah the joys of motherhood. :)


  1. haha! That's hilarious. My sister sent this to me in honor of school starting up. I think you might like it! Sorry you have to copy and paste cuz I'm not fancy and know how to create a hyperlink in a comment section.

  2. Middle school. YIKES! MUCH worse than high school (sorry to be Debbie Downer here)

    You can do it though!