Monday, March 21, 2011

Time Is Cyclical, Not Linear

When I met hubs, I loved listening to him talk about philosophy, history, police work and all sorts of stuff. One of the things he opened my eyes to is something his Irish ancestors believed: time is cyclical, not linear. You don't just go from point A to B, etc., but can come back to many points in time, including where you started.

I am more than pleased to say that he is officially getting off of administrative duty and going back to the street. It has been three long years full of fear, doubt, anger and suffering - part of which forced him off the street temporarily and put him behind a desk. I am so happy for him and happy for me, too. After everything that has happened, I never thought I would say I'm glad he is going back - but I am. I had gotten so used to the chaos, the politics, the unfriendly schedule.. when it changed, WE changed.

That life is all we ever knew. And as much as I would find reason to complain, I had no BIGGER reason to complain than seeing the guy I love lose his identity and (almost) his passion.

So, as a cheers to us - here is my adorable hubs, fifteen years ago when he first started, in what he calls his "death photo"... charming, isn't it? I think he's a stud.


  1. So happy for you guys!

    And I LOVE the "death photos". One of my fave pics of the Husband is the one they took before his last deployment in case he was missing or captured. He had that totally hot "stud muffin" look. :)

  2. CHEERS to both you and your hubby! Very charming indeeed!