Friday, January 14, 2011

Interesting Moments This Week

Yes, two posts in one day. Apparently I'm in rare form being pregnant and for pure entertainment (and repentance) purposes, I've decided to share with you things that have spilled out of my mouth this week.

The Dude hates blowing his nose. What the hell? Blowing your nose makes it feel much better than (what he calls) wiping it. Anyway, he wanted to do things his way and as I stood in horror watching him smear snot all over his face with one thin, itsy-bitsy piece of tissue, I said, "Jesus kid, I hope you don't wipe your ass like you wipe your nose. Sloppy and all over the place."

Hubs comes home really late at night (what else is new) and as I am FINALLY drifting off to sleep after wrangling all the pillows in the house and getting the blankets just right, he announces that he's hungry. First he flips on the tv to English League Soccer replays, turns the damn volume way up and then departs the room. When he returns, he sits down on his squeaky side of the bed and begins to chomp the hell out of an entire bag of microwave popcorn. This is after he turns every light in the house on to make it into the kitchen, where he proceeds to SLAM the G.D. microwave door no fewer than 3 times in the popping process. Apparently I say things to him which a.) I don't remember at all or b.) he is totally making up. Last night I said to him, "Hey why don't we put a handful of rocks in a glass and shake them up while we're at it. Oh and can we PLEASE turn on some tv show that has nothing but blaring lights and sirens and crank it up to full blast.... because ANY of these things is more enjoyable than listening to you chomp that G.D. popcorn for the next 20 minutes!!!!"

Mr. Pants is 4. He is adorable, but he is a stubborn Irish little horse's ass. He has become addicted to a new monster truck video game on the Wii. Our Wii is in our finished basement play area specifically because the child wants to do nothing else and this keeps it at somewhat of a distance. (He won't go down there without someone). So every day he wakes up and asks if he can "be Afterburner on Sander Hills when I jump over the billl--dings?" To which my reply is always "no." He has decided to follow my 'no' response up with, "but if I don't get to play it I'll be sad." I told him that he'd just have to get over it and that if he gets too sad about it, I'll just have to ship the monster truck game off to Jackson's house (the bad kid at school).

I am seriously having some Kate Gosselin moments. I mean I've even had to cover my mouth in disgust at some of these slips. Holy hell. Hormones are nothing to mess with.

It's Friday, which is redemption day (I hope). Planning on taking all of the boys, including hubs, out to do something fun. Please pray that I can behave.


  1. ha ha the first paragraph got me laughing b/c I started blogging while prego with my first born. Had tons of time and got addicted to it. Now two babies later I can hardly find the time.
    Blog hopping thought I'd stop by and say HI

  2. Ha ha. Hi Rebecca! Stop by anytime :) Glad to have you.