Sunday, November 22, 2009

December 1st

Hi all. Where have I been, you ask? Gearing up for surgery.. FINALLY. After much unneeded freaking out over a surgery I knew was inevitable, they actually set the date. So.. on December 1st I will undergo a Sistrunk Procedure. It's quite interesting. I will have to go under general anesthesia (completely out) for about an hour long surgery. I will then wake up, breathe on my own and get kicked out of the hospital the same day.

I have never been put under for anything in my life and however stupid it sounds I am totally freaked about it. I completely trust the doc. I will be at one of the best hospitals in the nation. There are teams of anesthesiologists who will be in the surgery center that day.. so what is my problem?

I think it's the after effects I am worried about. I don't take medicine, I have never taken pain pills.. well ok once I took a Tylenol 3 for a burn on my hand. I would never be a good junkie. Sheesh.

Anyway, not that I really am up for hearing horror stories, but please - anybody out there who has been under general anesthesia, would you please tell me the brutal truth about what to expect when coming to? I can't imagine what it's going to be like. I've heard it's kind of like having a hangover but seriously can someone educate me? And yes I asked ten billion questions during pre-op testing and they all give the standard "it'll be fine" without elaborating.

I know you guys & gals will give it to me straight. Thanks everybody.


  1. Brutal truth?

    Open eyes, try to focus, think "F* it", start to snooze. Someone speaks to you. Open eyes, try to focus, think "F* it", start to snooze. Repeat until the focusing improves, you're less inclined to say "F* it" and you think about NOT snoozing. Although you'll probably continue for several more rounds after that.

    You'll be fine.

  2. PS. Hangover would involve headache. You shouldn't have a headache just a nasty case of "wtf... why do I have to wake up already".

  3. Meadowlark you kick ass :) Thanks!

  4. Hi! I am so glad you found my blog and was able to read a little bit about my experience. I was nervous about the anesthesia too and its after effects...but it was just as I described. I felt weird, cold, a bit nauseous but mostly just uncomfortable!! It will actually be kinda cool because you will be thinking, "wow, its already over?!" I told my doctor beforehand that I tend to get sick on pain medicine, so he prescribed one that isn't supposed to make you sick...but it still made me sick! Ugh! Maybe not as bad as some other pain medicine does, I dunno. But it didn't really solve the pain problem for me anyway, so I would recommend just taking advil or something over the counter. Good luck!!!