Friday, September 10, 2010

Nothing Really Interesting

If you're like me, you had to stop and see what is not so interesting. Nice.

Today hubs was walking behind me and he asked, "Where'd your ass go?" (referring to the weight I've lost). To this I replied, "He's walking right behind me." That made him laugh hysterically. Score.

I'm glad it's fall. I hate the heat and where I live (in the buckle of the bible belt) it gets Africa hot in the summer. So, I don't mind the cold, damp, dreary rain. In fact, I love it. Reminds me of Ireland. The best place on earth - just my opinion.

Anyway, Hubs has been working so much I feel like I've hardly seen him. An idiot called in sick over Labor day so hubs had to work a 12.5 hour shift and then only got a 4 hour break before next shift. Then he had short change over, etc. The usual, hellish routine of a LEO I suppose. What does it mean when you start to get used to this crap?

In other not so interesting news, I found it funny the other night when my phone rang really late. Turned out to be my bro. He accidentally bumped his phone in the middle of an arrest and it called me. I kept saying "hello, hello" and then realized what must have happened. This is what I heard:

"Son, what's your mama's phone number"
"My momma ain't got no phone"
(sound of car door closing, followed by another car door opening)

"Son, what's your auntie's phone number"
"Thank you"

(another car door opens)
"Well son, turns out your momma's got a phone sure enough. And guess what? I'VE GOT HER PHONE NUMBER."

It was hilarious. Couldn't have been more entertaining.. I heard him say to himself, "Ah these idiots."

I hung up and called him later to tell him what happened. We had a good time laughing about it all. Fun times.

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  1. I'm going through the same kind of rut with Indubitably right now. And the same thing happened with us during Labor Day. And he just got off midnights. This time around was particularly bad.

    Anyway, hugs. Mainly because I could use one.