Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ahh.. Kids and Cops

So this one is courtesy of my bro. He's a copper in a large metropolitan area and he was kind enough to call me over the weekend and share this funny story with me.

Friday night at a local family fun attraction, two juveniles were "hanging out" (a.k.a. acting like a couple of young punks).

The two officers working secondary at this establishment noticed the smell of weed. They followed the smell, which led them to the juveniles. Yep. Two fifteen year olds smoking weed in a family fun place.

The officers called for patrol. In the meantime, they phoned the families of the juveniles and explained what they were caught doing. They also explained that because they are juveniles they would be brought home to their families instead of hauled in. It was a busy weekend night and nothing would really come of it anyway.

My bro arrived and gathered up the two juveniles and put them into his car. The one kid was a real punk and wanted to smart off. My bro said, "Pal, you can mouth off all you want. Just wait til you get home."

The other kid just sat silently. As my bro put it: "I think he sensed the ass-whoopin he had coming".

Bro arrived at the first house and brought the smart mouth kid to the door who for some odd reason had finally shut up. Big Mama who stood well over six feet tall answered the door and said, "Evenin officer." And without flinching she rared back and slapped the kid pimp style with a wicked backhand, so fast and hard that my bro had to jump backwards into the bushes to avoid being hit, too!

Big Mama looked up, smiled and said, "Thank you officer."... Bro said he could hear her verbally ripping the kid up one side and down the other as he walked back to his car.

He got in and looked back at the kid sitting silently with his head held low in the backseat. Bro said, "Son, you better hope you're Grandma ain't half as pissed as that lady was."

The kid said solemnly, without looking up, "Yes sir".

He drove the remaining juvenile home to Grandma who also answered the door with a swift kick to the kid's butt. She grabbed the kid by the ear and made him apologize to my Bro for causing trouble. Bro said Grandma promised to "stomp the sh*t" out of her grandson and thanked him for all his trouble.

She then dragged the kid into the house by his ear and right about then is when his whoopin began.

Ahh.. kids.

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